Weekend with THE BAWDIES

My fantastic weekend has come and gone. I absolutely had a wonderful at THE BAWDIES concerts that I attended in Miyazaki and Kumamoto. I will write up a mini report on the concerts in a future post, but for now here are a few pictures from my weekend.

Getting ready to line up for the Miyazaki show at the Weather King live house. It fits about 500 people. 
Random statute in Kumamoto City.

The largest slice of cake I have ever eaten in Japan. It was sooooooooo GOOD! Definitely worth the 1200 yen price tag (came with coffee.)

Kumamon! Kumamoto insanely popular mascot. 

Kumamoto Castle.
Getting ready to line up for the Kumamoto show at Drum 9 V1, which houses about 700 people.

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