NEW B'z English Album plus PESPI Promo

B'z. Another band that I love oh so very much!

This past week, B'z fans were greeted with fabulous news.

*English album
*New Pepsi campaign live concert

Now, I hate Pepsi. I haven't drank this stuff in at least 10 years.... but I love B'z, so yeah, I went off and bought some. I need 10 points to qualify for the lottery and each bottle has one point attached to it.... ugh. 

I need to buy eight more... however, only 800 people will be able to win the Osaka location and 900 for the Tokyo location. So.... I really should apply for both to increase my odds, which means I really need to buy 18 more bottles. Dear god.
The campaign ends on Aug. 13th. The things I do for the bands I love.

★8/30 (Thurs.) Osaka・Namba Hatch〔Doors open 18:00 / Start 19:00〕
★9/1 (Sat.) Tokyo・STUDIO COAST〔Doors open 16:30 / Start 17:30〕

The new "album" will be released on itunes on July 25th. 

[Track List]
1. Love Bomb
2. Splash
3. Juice
4. Ultra Soul
5. Into Free -Dangan-

Looks more like a mini album to me. Still can't wait for it!!


More in depth.

The MISS TAKE ~boku ha miss take~ single is absolute love! Loved it when I first heard the song on their last nico nico program, but now, I'm really hooked on it. ONLY YOU is also a very good song. It's really catchy, but it's kind of hard to believe that it's an Imai/Imai song.... like really, it is. My baby Japanese -type II- is a fabulous remix!

The limited edition of the single comes with a 24-pages photo booklet, which is gorgeous!! This single is definitely worth your yenz.

P.S. - A little reminder, the fall tour ticket lottery begins tomorrow at 12:00 JST to FISH TANK members only. To the non-members, tickets go on sale at the online ticket sites (t-pia, lawson tickets and eplus) on September 1st! Good luck!


Broke, but HAPPY!!

I just came back from Tower Records with an empty wallet; I so don't regret my purchases though.

* GLAY Walker 
* BUCK-TICK Elise no tame ni CD+DVD single
* BUCK-TICK MISS TAKE ~boku ha miss take~ CD+DVD single

I typically HATE buying singles (GLAY is an exception), but B-T has a promotion going on with the purchase of both these singles. Either versions of the singles above (regular or limited edition) will include a coupon that you can mail in together to be included in a lottery for an upcoming PV shooting!! How cool is that? There will be a total of 300 lucky fans that will be able to win. I'm hoping that luck will be on my side since I don't plan on buying more copies. Uh... please don't buy more copies than I did, ok??


6.24 BUCK-TICK @ Zepp Fukuoka w/MUCC

On June 24th, I attended my first BUCK-TICK live, which took place at Zepp Fukuoka. It's was a downpour of a day!! The rain was so heavy; it was terrible having to wait in line until it was time to entire the venue. I stood in line with my huge umbrella hovered over me that seemed to have annoyed the person behind me. I felt the water sipping into my boots, which eventually soaked my socks. These didn't matter though. The highlight was that it would be just mere minutes before I would be able to see B-T!!

My entrance number was #1092 (the venue can hold up to 2001 people), but I positioned myself in the live house so that I would be directly in the center and thus in direct view of Atsushi. I would say that I right in the center of the venue, so I still had a clear view of everything on stage. 

MUCC played out the set list first. This was my first time hearing this band's music. Initial impressions: loud music is loud!! They brought in a lot of energy to the crowd, which I'm sure included many of their fans. I'll admit, I got into their music and found myself fist pumping to their song Falling Down as well as a few others. MUCC's rendition of JUPITER was fantastic in my opinion. During their act, I noticed that Imai was watching the performance to my right on the second floor. He looked a bit stoic, but his presence was strong.




After MUCC was done and the equipments changed, BUCK-TICK came out. It was finally happening!!! Just seeing them on stage made me go crazy!! The guys looked amazing, with Atsushi looking as sexy as everAll four MUCC members were watching the live from the same area Imai was previously. 

They opened up with their latest single ELISE no tame ni! The energy in the crowd was even more amazing!!! I truly regretted not buying a muffler towel because I was sweating from all the vigorous movements I was doing, but it was all good. They played their soon-to-be-released single, boku no MISS TAKE. It's was such a delight to here them perform this song; I love the song so, so much!

As much as I adore Atsushi, he continues to be the most eccentric performer that I've witness so far. He just does really odd/questionable things on stage. For instance, there was a rather large lamp on the stage. During the intermission part of a couple songs, he would pick up the huge lamp and shove the glaring light into the faces of all four members. Uh... why? Don't worry, Atsushi. I still love you and your quirkiness

The whole show lasted for almost three hours. From start to finish, it was simply an amazing live!! I can't wait to see B-T again on their fall tour!



07.memento mori 




GLAY's NAGAI Stadium concert tickets went on sale yesterday at 10:00 JST. A couple hours later, tickets for both days have completely SOLD OUT!! Wow, nothing less from GLAY. 

I'll be attending the concert for both days! Only 28 days are left!!!!