Hotel GLAY

Best open summer concerts I have ever been to!!!

I took a bunch of pictures around the stadium and around central Osaka. I'm still going through them, but here is a picture of Glay Glico! It's an overpriced chewy candy that comes with a guitar pick. We were only allowed to purchase two boxes, which I did. One of them is still wrapped.



So, hello everyone!! I haven't updated in about a month.... that's mainly because my macbook is giving me some serious issues. *sigh* I've been using my netbook and it not meant for long-term usage; it's so tiny. I'm going to try to take my macbook to an Apple store to have their techs look at it.


After two full years, BUCK-TICK is finally releasing a new album!! The album is entitled: "Yume miru uchuu" that is slated for release on Sept. 19th. 

 September 19, 2012 ON SALE

<CD+DVD> 3,990円(tax in)
<CD> 3,000円(tax in)

<CD track list> Limited Edition
1. エリーゼのために -ROCK for Elise-
4. 人魚 -mermaid-
5. 夢路
7. 禁じられた遊び -ADULT CHILDREN-
8. 夜想
10. MISS TAKE -I'm not miss take-
11. 夢見る宇宙 -cosmix-

・Live at 日比谷野外大音楽堂 2012.6.10より
 1. エリーゼのために
 3. 疾風のブレードランナー
 4. 夢見る宇宙

Will be pre-ordering my copy from Tower Records.

Oh, I got tickets to three concerts from the FISH TANK lottery. I'll be seeing Buck-Tick three times: in Saga, Fukuoka and in Tokyo! I CAN'T WAIT!!!


NEW B'z English Album plus PESPI Promo

B'z. Another band that I love oh so very much!

This past week, B'z fans were greeted with fabulous news.

*English album
*New Pepsi campaign live concert

Now, I hate Pepsi. I haven't drank this stuff in at least 10 years.... but I love B'z, so yeah, I went off and bought some. I need 10 points to qualify for the lottery and each bottle has one point attached to it.... ugh. 

I need to buy eight more... however, only 800 people will be able to win the Osaka location and 900 for the Tokyo location. So.... I really should apply for both to increase my odds, which means I really need to buy 18 more bottles. Dear god.
The campaign ends on Aug. 13th. The things I do for the bands I love.

★8/30 (Thurs.) Osaka・Namba Hatch〔Doors open 18:00 / Start 19:00〕
★9/1 (Sat.) Tokyo・STUDIO COAST〔Doors open 16:30 / Start 17:30〕

The new "album" will be released on itunes on July 25th. 

[Track List]
1. Love Bomb
2. Splash
3. Juice
4. Ultra Soul
5. Into Free -Dangan-

Looks more like a mini album to me. Still can't wait for it!!


More in depth.

The MISS TAKE ~boku ha miss take~ single is absolute love! Loved it when I first heard the song on their last nico nico program, but now, I'm really hooked on it. ONLY YOU is also a very good song. It's really catchy, but it's kind of hard to believe that it's an Imai/Imai song.... like really, it is. My baby Japanese -type II- is a fabulous remix!

The limited edition of the single comes with a 24-pages photo booklet, which is gorgeous!! This single is definitely worth your yenz.

P.S. - A little reminder, the fall tour ticket lottery begins tomorrow at 12:00 JST to FISH TANK members only. To the non-members, tickets go on sale at the online ticket sites (t-pia, lawson tickets and eplus) on September 1st! Good luck!


Broke, but HAPPY!!

I just came back from Tower Records with an empty wallet; I so don't regret my purchases though.

* GLAY Walker 
* BUCK-TICK Elise no tame ni CD+DVD single
* BUCK-TICK MISS TAKE ~boku ha miss take~ CD+DVD single

I typically HATE buying singles (GLAY is an exception), but B-T has a promotion going on with the purchase of both these singles. Either versions of the singles above (regular or limited edition) will include a coupon that you can mail in together to be included in a lottery for an upcoming PV shooting!! How cool is that? There will be a total of 300 lucky fans that will be able to win. I'm hoping that luck will be on my side since I don't plan on buying more copies. Uh... please don't buy more copies than I did, ok??


6.24 BUCK-TICK @ Zepp Fukuoka w/MUCC

On June 24th, I attended my first BUCK-TICK live, which took place at Zepp Fukuoka. It's was a downpour of a day!! The rain was so heavy; it was terrible having to wait in line until it was time to entire the venue. I stood in line with my huge umbrella hovered over me that seemed to have annoyed the person behind me. I felt the water sipping into my boots, which eventually soaked my socks. These didn't matter though. The highlight was that it would be just mere minutes before I would be able to see B-T!!

My entrance number was #1092 (the venue can hold up to 2001 people), but I positioned myself in the live house so that I would be directly in the center and thus in direct view of Atsushi. I would say that I right in the center of the venue, so I still had a clear view of everything on stage. 

MUCC played out the set list first. This was my first time hearing this band's music. Initial impressions: loud music is loud!! They brought in a lot of energy to the crowd, which I'm sure included many of their fans. I'll admit, I got into their music and found myself fist pumping to their song Falling Down as well as a few others. MUCC's rendition of JUPITER was fantastic in my opinion. During their act, I noticed that Imai was watching the performance to my right on the second floor. He looked a bit stoic, but his presence was strong.




After MUCC was done and the equipments changed, BUCK-TICK came out. It was finally happening!!! Just seeing them on stage made me go crazy!! The guys looked amazing, with Atsushi looking as sexy as everAll four MUCC members were watching the live from the same area Imai was previously. 

They opened up with their latest single ELISE no tame ni! The energy in the crowd was even more amazing!!! I truly regretted not buying a muffler towel because I was sweating from all the vigorous movements I was doing, but it was all good. They played their soon-to-be-released single, boku no MISS TAKE. It's was such a delight to here them perform this song; I love the song so, so much!

As much as I adore Atsushi, he continues to be the most eccentric performer that I've witness so far. He just does really odd/questionable things on stage. For instance, there was a rather large lamp on the stage. During the intermission part of a couple songs, he would pick up the huge lamp and shove the glaring light into the faces of all four members. Uh... why? Don't worry, Atsushi. I still love you and your quirkiness

The whole show lasted for almost three hours. From start to finish, it was simply an amazing live!! I can't wait to see B-T again on their fall tour!



07.memento mori 




GLAY's NAGAI Stadium concert tickets went on sale yesterday at 10:00 JST. A couple hours later, tickets for both days have completely SOLD OUT!! Wow, nothing less from GLAY. 

I'll be attending the concert for both days! Only 28 days are left!!!!




I received my copy of FISH TANK 064 in the mail a couple days ago, which includes info on B-T’s fall tour to promote their upcoming album (a title has yet to be published.) Fan club members will be able to place in their entires, which begins on July 7th at 12:00 JST and ends ten days later on July 17th at 14:00 JST.

Listed below are the 27 concert dates they plan on holding. They will be visiting three prefectures for the very first time since their debut!! These being Saga, Shiga and Tokushima prefectures. The dates in bold are the dates I plan on placing my entires for. I can't wait!!!


10月6日(土) - よこすか芸術劇場

10月8日(月) - 静岡市民文化会館
10月12日(金) - 川口リリアメインホール
10月13日(土) - 栃木県総合文化センター メインホール
10月20日(土) - なら100年会館
10月21日(日) - 滋賀県立芸術劇場
10月25日(木) - 倉敷市芸文館
10月26日(金) - 鳴門市文化会館
10月28日(日) - 唐津市民会館
11月3日(土) - 神戸国際会館 こくさいホール
11月9日(金) - 大宮ソニックシティ
11月11日(日) - 神奈川県民ホール
11月13日(火) - 渋谷公会堂
11月14日(水) - 渋谷公会堂
11月18日(日) - 千葉県文化会館 大ホール
11月22日(木) - 金沢市観光会館
11月24日(土) - 新潟市民芸術文化会館 劇場
11月25日(日) - ホクト文化ホール
12月1日(土) - オリックス劇場
12月2日(日) - オリックス劇場
12月7日(金) - 東京エレクトロンホール宮城
12月9日(日) - 札幌市教育文化会館
12月12日(水) - 群馬音楽センター
12月15日(土) - 福岡市民会館
12月16日(日) - 広島アステールプラザ 大ホール
12月22日(土) - 日本特殊陶業市民会館 フォレストホール
12月29日(土) - 日本武道館



Sakurai Atsushi on the cover of READ AND READ issue 42. I so cannot wait for it to arrive :3



IMG_1126 L7v9UWzGhJ

A few weeks ago, I applied to become a member of BUCK-TICK's fan club, FISH TANK. Yesterday, I received the membership card in the mail :3 I'm fan number 29212. Now, I'll be able to attend FISH TANKers ONLY lives! Can't wait for those. Next Sunday, I'll see them live for the first time at Zepp Fukuoka!!!

 In addition to becoming a FISH TANKer, I decided to sign up to B'z PARTY as well. I'm currently waiting for the membership card to arrive. So, as of now, I'm a member of HAPPY SWING (GLAY... since 3/2010), FISH TANK (BUCK-TICK) and B'z PARTY (B'z).

 In other news, in my previous entry, I mentioned that I applied for GLAY's live house concert being held at Osaka's Namba Hatch... Well, the results came in last week and I won the lottery!!! My first GLAY live house live!!! The live house has a capacity of 1500. I lucked-out BIG TIME!! The ticket has been paid for and I also went ahead and booked my plane tickets. A full week in OSAKA baby! Filled with GLAY goodness! 


 EDIT: Also got a ticket to see THE PREDATORS on OCT. 7!! Early pre-order from a person on mixi. Will get the ticket from her during GLAY's OSAKA lives X3


Teru. Making women cry since 1994.

IMG_1099 IMG_1107 

I've had my copy of "Bible" since its released date on the 23rd of March. Initial press orders purchased from G-DIRECT came with a coaster of the single cover (like I'm actually going to use it lol). I like the casing and lyrics booklet print & design. The booklet is actually attached to the CD casing. The CD and DVD contents are pure love!! Whenever I listen to "Bible" I get teary-eyed and the MV is energizing yet, touching at the same time. I like that it's in B&W for nearly the entire video only for the color to be brought out near the end. The live contents are great! Saw some Teru/Jiro loving, Teru making women cry and the guys doing their traditional pre-live send-off only this time... octaves higher XDDD This was yet another single well spent! The single includes an entry number to apply for a live house concert at NAMBA Hatch in Osaka on 7/24. I applied for it, of course. Here's hoping!! GLAY @ NAGAI STADIUM - TWO MORE MONTHS!! 


Bible CD & DVD 
1. Bible 
2. ano hi no shounen 
3. Thank you for your love 
"Bible" Special DVD ~ road to NAGAI STADIUM~ 
*Bible MV 
*Solo interviews 
*Making of the CD Jacket 
*Making of the Music Video 

GLAY HC Tour @ Fukushima 4/1 
haru wo aisuru hito 
tsuzure ori ~so far and yet so close~ 
ikiteku tsuyosa


I cannot contain myself!!


 I am seriously loving BUCK-TICK so much right now! I watched their Nico Nico event last night. It started at 9PM and lasted a little past 12AM. The first hour was used to show clips of their MVs from '87 to '10. This was awesome because, like I've said before, I haven't seen much of their MVs before this. Seeing these videos resulted in my liking a few of the songs that were played. :3 Then the guys came on an hour later. Uh... they're not a talkative bunch are they? Poor Hide. He was a nervous wreck!! He said it himself that he was nervous and the MC kept asking him from time to time if he was ok; even to ask him one time that he looked sleepy... lol. Imai is a bit too serious. I've read that he's a shy guy and I can understand because I'm a bit timid myself, but he just needed to relax a bit. The brothers, Toll and U-ta, seem to have such nice personalities, especially U-ta; he was so cute and amiable. I like him. Atsushi..... ahhhhhhhh, this man. First off, he is gorgeous! I love his smile and wide grins so, soooooo much! He also gave off friendly vibes. X3 

 So the MC asked them a few questions from the fans. One of them was this: "What would you do or where would you go on a date?" Imai's response was a simple "movie and dinner." Atsushi's response was "a motel." LMAO!!! What a joker; that had me rolling. Near the end of their talk session, their new MV "boku wa miss take" was shown. OMG! It was so freakin goooooooooood!!!!!! I wanna see it again! D: I can't remember how the song went, but I loved it so much.... and the MV... damn. I wonder if it's up on YT yet... The talk session ended at 11:30PM and for the past 30 mins, footage from their recently released live DVD/Blueray was shown! More songs were heard for the first time and to my liking. Mainly --> ROMANCE,...IN HEAVEN...and MOON LIGHT. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM LIVE!!!!!!!!! (I may also see them in Tokyo on July 7th if my friend has an available ticket. :D) 



 B-T, I'm your newest fan. Nice to meet you. See you soon.


Rise above yourself!

It's always nice to have something new to listen to. So, for the past couple of months, I have been (inactively) looking for a new band to listen to. About a week ago, I noticed that BUCK-TICK was celebrating their 25th anniversary, so I decided to search for their PVs on youtube. It wasn't "love at first sight" (or hearing, I guess) but I thought they were ok enough to venture further and rent their last three albums: Razzle Dazzle, Momento Mori and Tenshi no Revolver. And guess what? I really enjoy what I'm hearing :D

l-r: Toll Yagami (dr), Imai Hisashi (g & back-up vo), Sakurai Atsushi (vo), Higuchi Yutaka aka U-ta(b) and Hoshino Hideyuki aka Hide (g & back-up vo). 

 Regarding their music, they seemed to have experimented with quite a few genres of rock music. I haven't looked into their discography that much to distinguish their sound between albums. From what I've heard, however, it sounds pretty general rock with a pinch of retro-ness (doku danjou Beauty -R.I.P.-! X3) Ok, so I haven't watched many of their MVs... but I absolutely love their Doku danjou Beauty -R.I.P.- MV!! It was the first MV of theirs that I saw. I love the song, the visuals and well, Atsushi looks so damn GOOD!! That hairstyle is so hot! X3

*10 songs I'm loving* (no special order w/ live video.) 
(warning: some songs below contain profanity and sexual innuendos... just sayin.) 

 - Ash-ra
- doku danjou Beauty -R.I.P.- 

 If you haven't noticed my sidebar, I will be seeing them at Zepp Fukuoka next month!! X3 I can't wait! It isn't a one-man show though. MUCC will be opening for them. I don't know much about MUCC, but at least I get a preview of their style.


ugh... #1092. I'll be way in the back. Oh well, it's only my first live for this group. It will give me a chance to see how fans act and a total view of the band. Next time though, I'd like to have a nice view of Atsushi! Atsushi can be a bit quirky in MVs and lives. Sometimes I wonder if he's ok in he head lol.


18 years.

It has been 18 years since GLAY made their major debut back in 1994 on this very day. I've been a fan of theirs for such a short time, but I'm so happy that I found out about them when I did. GLAY, I wish you continued success in the future. You guys will always be my number 1 band.


Yet, another "new" Japanese band for me to listen to.

Seriously. Why so hot. Atsushi's 46 btw. damn.

I'm seriously digging BUCK-TICK. More about the band later this week. :3


It's going to be a very GLAY summer!!

GLAY LiB Cafe is back this summer! It will be held in OSAKA from July 23rd to July 27th and TOKYO from July 31st to Aug. 15th. I think I'll only be able to attend it in OSAKA.


 "Bible" - GLAY's 45th single is OUT on May 23rd!!
 "GLAY nichi" - I'm assuming that it's a newspaper of some sort. It will be out the day before the 
 "Bible" single. Thankfully, I'll be able to grab it at my local TOWER RECORDS. I think it's free.   "GLAY Walker" - A 100-paged mook that includes a photo shoot and interview about GLAY summer lives at Osaka Nagai Stadium. OUT June 30th. All will be attained, purchased and attended by yours truly. 


GLAY will be live on You Tube, Ustream and NICO NICO on May 23rd 21:00 JST to promote their Bible single. CAN'T WAIT! They will be on TBS's COUNTDOWN TV tonight (May 19th) at 24:58 JST performing "Bible." 

On May 25th, the guys will also be on MUSIC STATION! (Wow, their debut date!!)  

HISASHI's reply on twitter about the announcement of the 2012 Cafe: HISASHI: 忙しいZO! RT @glay_official: LiB CAFE 2012開催決定しました。 lmao, love his response! The guys are going to be so busy running around doing promotions and getting ready for the summer activities. 頑張れ〜


They're back!

THE PREDATORS are back in action! I've been wondering when they would resurface.

New album - "Monster in my head"

  Fall tour at 9 locations:
2012年9月20日(木)東京都 渋谷CLUB QUATTRO
2012年9月25日(火)宮城県 仙台Rensa
2012年9月27日(木)北海道 札幌PENNY LANE 24
2012年9月28日(金)北海道 札幌PENNY LANE 24
2012年10月3日(水)愛知県 名古屋CLUB DIAMOND HALL
2012年10月5日(金)広島県 広島CLUB QUATTRO
2012年10月7日(日)福岡県 福岡DRUM LOGOS
2012年10月9日(火)大阪府 なんばHatch
2012年10月12日(金)東京都 Zepp Tokyo

I plan on attending the live in Fukuoka on 10/7! I first saw them at the Fukuoka summer rock festival called "ROCK DAZE" back in 2010. Of course, I mainly got into this band because of JIRO (GLAY's forever young bassist), but I really do love the music as a whole. This summer, I plan on visiting Hokkaido again (mainly Hakodate since my last visit there in 2010 was very, very short.) Anyway, The RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL will be in Hokkaido on 8/10-11. Bands that I love, such as THE PREDATORS and THE BAWDIES will be performing, so this will be a nice detour. :D Looking forward to a nice, cool summer in Hokkaido!