I received my copy of FISH TANK 064 in the mail a couple days ago, which includes info on B-T’s fall tour to promote their upcoming album (a title has yet to be published.) Fan club members will be able to place in their entires, which begins on July 7th at 12:00 JST and ends ten days later on July 17th at 14:00 JST.

Listed below are the 27 concert dates they plan on holding. They will be visiting three prefectures for the very first time since their debut!! These being Saga, Shiga and Tokushima prefectures. The dates in bold are the dates I plan on placing my entires for. I can't wait!!!


10月6日(土) - よこすか芸術劇場

10月8日(月) - 静岡市民文化会館
10月12日(金) - 川口リリアメインホール
10月13日(土) - 栃木県総合文化センター メインホール
10月20日(土) - なら100年会館
10月21日(日) - 滋賀県立芸術劇場
10月25日(木) - 倉敷市芸文館
10月26日(金) - 鳴門市文化会館
10月28日(日) - 唐津市民会館
11月3日(土) - 神戸国際会館 こくさいホール
11月9日(金) - 大宮ソニックシティ
11月11日(日) - 神奈川県民ホール
11月13日(火) - 渋谷公会堂
11月14日(水) - 渋谷公会堂
11月18日(日) - 千葉県文化会館 大ホール
11月22日(木) - 金沢市観光会館
11月24日(土) - 新潟市民芸術文化会館 劇場
11月25日(日) - ホクト文化ホール
12月1日(土) - オリックス劇場
12月2日(日) - オリックス劇場
12月7日(金) - 東京エレクトロンホール宮城
12月9日(日) - 札幌市教育文化会館
12月12日(水) - 群馬音楽センター
12月15日(土) - 福岡市民会館
12月16日(日) - 広島アステールプラザ 大ホール
12月22日(土) - 日本特殊陶業市民会館 フォレストホール
12月29日(土) - 日本武道館



Sakurai Atsushi on the cover of READ AND READ issue 42. I so cannot wait for it to arrive :3



IMG_1126 L7v9UWzGhJ

A few weeks ago, I applied to become a member of BUCK-TICK's fan club, FISH TANK. Yesterday, I received the membership card in the mail :3 I'm fan number 29212. Now, I'll be able to attend FISH TANKers ONLY lives! Can't wait for those. Next Sunday, I'll see them live for the first time at Zepp Fukuoka!!!

 In addition to becoming a FISH TANKer, I decided to sign up to B'z PARTY as well. I'm currently waiting for the membership card to arrive. So, as of now, I'm a member of HAPPY SWING (GLAY... since 3/2010), FISH TANK (BUCK-TICK) and B'z PARTY (B'z).

 In other news, in my previous entry, I mentioned that I applied for GLAY's live house concert being held at Osaka's Namba Hatch... Well, the results came in last week and I won the lottery!!! My first GLAY live house live!!! The live house has a capacity of 1500. I lucked-out BIG TIME!! The ticket has been paid for and I also went ahead and booked my plane tickets. A full week in OSAKA baby! Filled with GLAY goodness! 


 EDIT: Also got a ticket to see THE PREDATORS on OCT. 7!! Early pre-order from a person on mixi. Will get the ticket from her during GLAY's OSAKA lives X3


Teru. Making women cry since 1994.

IMG_1099 IMG_1107 

I've had my copy of "Bible" since its released date on the 23rd of March. Initial press orders purchased from G-DIRECT came with a coaster of the single cover (like I'm actually going to use it lol). I like the casing and lyrics booklet print & design. The booklet is actually attached to the CD casing. The CD and DVD contents are pure love!! Whenever I listen to "Bible" I get teary-eyed and the MV is energizing yet, touching at the same time. I like that it's in B&W for nearly the entire video only for the color to be brought out near the end. The live contents are great! Saw some Teru/Jiro loving, Teru making women cry and the guys doing their traditional pre-live send-off only this time... octaves higher XDDD This was yet another single well spent! The single includes an entry number to apply for a live house concert at NAMBA Hatch in Osaka on 7/24. I applied for it, of course. Here's hoping!! GLAY @ NAGAI STADIUM - TWO MORE MONTHS!! 


Bible CD & DVD 
1. Bible 
2. ano hi no shounen 
3. Thank you for your love 
"Bible" Special DVD ~ road to NAGAI STADIUM~ 
*Bible MV 
*Solo interviews 
*Making of the CD Jacket 
*Making of the Music Video 

GLAY HC Tour @ Fukushima 4/1 
haru wo aisuru hito 
tsuzure ori ~so far and yet so close~ 
ikiteku tsuyosa