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A few weeks ago, I applied to become a member of BUCK-TICK's fan club, FISH TANK. Yesterday, I received the membership card in the mail :3 I'm fan number 29212. Now, I'll be able to attend FISH TANKers ONLY lives! Can't wait for those. Next Sunday, I'll see them live for the first time at Zepp Fukuoka!!!

 In addition to becoming a FISH TANKer, I decided to sign up to B'z PARTY as well. I'm currently waiting for the membership card to arrive. So, as of now, I'm a member of HAPPY SWING (GLAY... since 3/2010), FISH TANK (BUCK-TICK) and B'z PARTY (B'z).

 In other news, in my previous entry, I mentioned that I applied for GLAY's live house concert being held at Osaka's Namba Hatch... Well, the results came in last week and I won the lottery!!! My first GLAY live house live!!! The live house has a capacity of 1500. I lucked-out BIG TIME!! The ticket has been paid for and I also went ahead and booked my plane tickets. A full week in OSAKA baby! Filled with GLAY goodness! 


 EDIT: Also got a ticket to see THE PREDATORS on OCT. 7!! Early pre-order from a person on mixi. Will get the ticket from her during GLAY's OSAKA lives X3

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