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I've had my copy of "Bible" since its released date on the 23rd of March. Initial press orders purchased from G-DIRECT came with a coaster of the single cover (like I'm actually going to use it lol). I like the casing and lyrics booklet print & design. The booklet is actually attached to the CD casing. The CD and DVD contents are pure love!! Whenever I listen to "Bible" I get teary-eyed and the MV is energizing yet, touching at the same time. I like that it's in B&W for nearly the entire video only for the color to be brought out near the end. The live contents are great! Saw some Teru/Jiro loving, Teru making women cry and the guys doing their traditional pre-live send-off only this time... octaves higher XDDD This was yet another single well spent! The single includes an entry number to apply for a live house concert at NAMBA Hatch in Osaka on 7/24. I applied for it, of course. Here's hoping!! GLAY @ NAGAI STADIUM - TWO MORE MONTHS!! 


Bible CD & DVD 
1. Bible 
2. ano hi no shounen 
3. Thank you for your love 
"Bible" Special DVD ~ road to NAGAI STADIUM~ 
*Bible MV 
*Solo interviews 
*Making of the CD Jacket 
*Making of the Music Video 

GLAY HC Tour @ Fukushima 4/1 
haru wo aisuru hito 
tsuzure ori ~so far and yet so close~ 
ikiteku tsuyosa

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