Broke, but HAPPY!!

I just came back from Tower Records with an empty wallet; I so don't regret my purchases though.

* GLAY Walker 
* BUCK-TICK Elise no tame ni CD+DVD single
* BUCK-TICK MISS TAKE ~boku ha miss take~ CD+DVD single

I typically HATE buying singles (GLAY is an exception), but B-T has a promotion going on with the purchase of both these singles. Either versions of the singles above (regular or limited edition) will include a coupon that you can mail in together to be included in a lottery for an upcoming PV shooting!! How cool is that? There will be a total of 300 lucky fans that will be able to win. I'm hoping that luck will be on my side since I don't plan on buying more copies. Uh... please don't buy more copies than I did, ok??

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