NEW B'z English Album plus PESPI Promo

B'z. Another band that I love oh so very much!

This past week, B'z fans were greeted with fabulous news.

*English album
*New Pepsi campaign live concert

Now, I hate Pepsi. I haven't drank this stuff in at least 10 years.... but I love B'z, so yeah, I went off and bought some. I need 10 points to qualify for the lottery and each bottle has one point attached to it.... ugh. 

I need to buy eight more... however, only 800 people will be able to win the Osaka location and 900 for the Tokyo location. So.... I really should apply for both to increase my odds, which means I really need to buy 18 more bottles. Dear god.
The campaign ends on Aug. 13th. The things I do for the bands I love.

★8/30 (Thurs.) Osaka・Namba Hatch〔Doors open 18:00 / Start 19:00〕
★9/1 (Sat.) Tokyo・STUDIO COAST〔Doors open 16:30 / Start 17:30〕

The new "album" will be released on itunes on July 25th. 

[Track List]
1. Love Bomb
2. Splash
3. Juice
4. Ultra Soul
5. Into Free -Dangan-

Looks more like a mini album to me. Still can't wait for it!!

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