It's going to be a very GLAY summer!!

GLAY LiB Cafe is back this summer! It will be held in OSAKA from July 23rd to July 27th and TOKYO from July 31st to Aug. 15th. I think I'll only be able to attend it in OSAKA.


 "Bible" - GLAY's 45th single is OUT on May 23rd!!
 "GLAY nichi" - I'm assuming that it's a newspaper of some sort. It will be out the day before the 
 "Bible" single. Thankfully, I'll be able to grab it at my local TOWER RECORDS. I think it's free.   "GLAY Walker" - A 100-paged mook that includes a photo shoot and interview about GLAY summer lives at Osaka Nagai Stadium. OUT June 30th. All will be attained, purchased and attended by yours truly. 


GLAY will be live on You Tube, Ustream and NICO NICO on May 23rd 21:00 JST to promote their Bible single. CAN'T WAIT! They will be on TBS's COUNTDOWN TV tonight (May 19th) at 24:58 JST performing "Bible." 

On May 25th, the guys will also be on MUSIC STATION! (Wow, their debut date!!)  

HISASHI's reply on twitter about the announcement of the 2012 Cafe: HISASHI: 忙しいZO! RT @glay_official: LiB CAFE 2012開催決定しました。 lmao, love his response! The guys are going to be so busy running around doing promotions and getting ready for the summer activities. 頑張れ〜

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