I cannot contain myself!!


 I am seriously loving BUCK-TICK so much right now! I watched their Nico Nico event last night. It started at 9PM and lasted a little past 12AM. The first hour was used to show clips of their MVs from '87 to '10. This was awesome because, like I've said before, I haven't seen much of their MVs before this. Seeing these videos resulted in my liking a few of the songs that were played. :3 Then the guys came on an hour later. Uh... they're not a talkative bunch are they? Poor Hide. He was a nervous wreck!! He said it himself that he was nervous and the MC kept asking him from time to time if he was ok; even to ask him one time that he looked sleepy... lol. Imai is a bit too serious. I've read that he's a shy guy and I can understand because I'm a bit timid myself, but he just needed to relax a bit. The brothers, Toll and U-ta, seem to have such nice personalities, especially U-ta; he was so cute and amiable. I like him. Atsushi..... ahhhhhhhh, this man. First off, he is gorgeous! I love his smile and wide grins so, soooooo much! He also gave off friendly vibes. X3 

 So the MC asked them a few questions from the fans. One of them was this: "What would you do or where would you go on a date?" Imai's response was a simple "movie and dinner." Atsushi's response was "a motel." LMAO!!! What a joker; that had me rolling. Near the end of their talk session, their new MV "boku wa miss take" was shown. OMG! It was so freakin goooooooooood!!!!!! I wanna see it again! D: I can't remember how the song went, but I loved it so much.... and the MV... damn. I wonder if it's up on YT yet... The talk session ended at 11:30PM and for the past 30 mins, footage from their recently released live DVD/Blueray was shown! More songs were heard for the first time and to my liking. Mainly --> ROMANCE,...IN HEAVEN...and MOON LIGHT. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM LIVE!!!!!!!!! (I may also see them in Tokyo on July 7th if my friend has an available ticket. :D) 



 B-T, I'm your newest fan. Nice to meet you. See you soon.

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