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It's always nice to have something new to listen to. So, for the past couple of months, I have been (inactively) looking for a new band to listen to. About a week ago, I noticed that BUCK-TICK was celebrating their 25th anniversary, so I decided to search for their PVs on youtube. It wasn't "love at first sight" (or hearing, I guess) but I thought they were ok enough to venture further and rent their last three albums: Razzle Dazzle, Momento Mori and Tenshi no Revolver. And guess what? I really enjoy what I'm hearing :D

l-r: Toll Yagami (dr), Imai Hisashi (g & back-up vo), Sakurai Atsushi (vo), Higuchi Yutaka aka U-ta(b) and Hoshino Hideyuki aka Hide (g & back-up vo). 

 Regarding their music, they seemed to have experimented with quite a few genres of rock music. I haven't looked into their discography that much to distinguish their sound between albums. From what I've heard, however, it sounds pretty general rock with a pinch of retro-ness (doku danjou Beauty -R.I.P.-! X3) Ok, so I haven't watched many of their MVs... but I absolutely love their Doku danjou Beauty -R.I.P.- MV!! It was the first MV of theirs that I saw. I love the song, the visuals and well, Atsushi looks so damn GOOD!! That hairstyle is so hot! X3

*10 songs I'm loving* (no special order w/ live video.) 
(warning: some songs below contain profanity and sexual innuendos... just sayin.) 

 - Ash-ra
- doku danjou Beauty -R.I.P.- 

 If you haven't noticed my sidebar, I will be seeing them at Zepp Fukuoka next month!! X3 I can't wait! It isn't a one-man show though. MUCC will be opening for them. I don't know much about MUCC, but at least I get a preview of their style.


ugh... #1092. I'll be way in the back. Oh well, it's only my first live for this group. It will give me a chance to see how fans act and a total view of the band. Next time though, I'd like to have a nice view of Atsushi! Atsushi can be a bit quirky in MVs and lives. Sometimes I wonder if he's ok in he head lol.

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