JUSTICE [from] GUILTY and Unmeiron singles along with the Summer concert 2012 bluray.
Absolutely love the singles!! The former is a HISASHI song and the latter a JIRO song.

HAPPY SWING issue #67. JUSTICE & GUILTY albums are in full promotion mode.
Yes, they misspelled "coming." 

GLAY featured on TOWER RECORDS' monthly tower plus magazine for the month of January 2013.
You know I took multiple copies of this, right?

The title of the JIRO composed song on the JUSTICE album. That title had me dying when I first saw it.

Release date is closing in!! (Also new album and DVD out for THE BAWDIES and B'z. Other bands I like.)

Gott'em!! ^o^v 

JUSTICE wallpaper looking mighty fine.
I definitely plan on writing my thoughts on these albums!

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