Earlier this month, THE BAWDIES started their 1-2-3 Album Tour. They will be venturing to ALL 47 prefectures in Japan. I was extremely lucky to get tickets to their lives in Miyazaki and Kumamoto. At the same time, I applied to their lives in Saga and Fukuoka, but I wasn't so lucky. I got a second chance though. THE BAWDIES announced not too long ago that they will be extending their tour... only this time, they will be performing at larger venues. Last weekend, I was able to obtain tickets to their live at Zepp Fukuoka on June 6th. 

I'm so looking forward to these lives! Doing Miyazaki and Kumamoto will be tough though. It will be a three-hour bus ride from where I live to Miyazaki City. I leave the following morning to Kumamoto, which is about a two-hour ride. Then, right after the concert, I will take the train back home that will take about two hours. Plus, this is THE BAWDIES we're talking about. Attending just one of their lives will absolutely drain you - I'm attending two, back-to-back. Oh. And I have work the following day, go me.

Let's get this party started!

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