OSAKA ftw!

One week from now, GLAY will enbark on their 2013 JUSTICE & GUILTY Arena Tour in Japan. The first location will be at Osaka-jo Hall in Osaka. I really, really wanted to attend this concert, but I wasn't able to get tickets. From what I've experienced, GLAY lives in Osaka are simply the best! The fans are definitely more outgoing. I will be attending the tour on April 27 & 28 in Fukuoka and also on May 5 in Saitama.

Below is my live report on a GLAY live I attended in Osaka a little more than two years ago (wow! I can't believe that it's been that long.) Feel free to relive my crazy exposure to a GLAY live in Osaka!



 Another fantastic concert from GLAY! Even though I had standing tickets way up in the nose-bleed section, I had the best time EVER!!! The back row looked like a dance hall; it was awesome!  And so many of us in my section kept screaming out their names!! It's nice not being the only one doing the screaming. I made good friends with the girl standing next to me. Omg, this girl was a head-banging freak---love her!!  I invited her to stand next to me before the concert began because she was standing behind me and I had a feeling she wanted to fit in closer to the railing. She thanked me profusely. Then 汚れなきSEASON came up. Omg, this girl was head-banging like her life depended on it. I was just laughing to myself. She was so~ into the songs; the entire back audience was. It was just incredible. When FATSOUNDS and 彼女 came up, she and I were doing all sorts of crazy stuff together! Us standing people where dancing the hell out of these songs! (Ok, not really "dancing"... body movements I guess.) Awesomeness!! I spoke with that girl (her name's Kaori) throughout the encore chants and after the show. We exchanged contacts and we're definitely going to a GLAY live together! Another friend gained! 


 1. They changed up the MJ section (most likely because this is their 3rd time in Osaka). Instead of seeing the scrolling intro of "THE KING OF POP!" we saw "THE KING OF HIGHCOMMUICATIONS!!" and we screamed like mad! They played HICOMMUNICATIONS as the KIMSNAKE GLAY were in MJ Thriller gear doing the HC arm movements! We were doing it along with them! Love, love, love! At the end, the KIMSNAKE GLAY were struck by lightning (or something) and their after-look was just hilarious! 
 2. During the encore, Teru was trying to convince Jiro to do another Osaka Crash Night live. He asked us to yell out, "Osaka. Crash. Night. YAY!!!" We did that and Jiro said he wasn't convinced. Our reaction was, "Eeeeeeeeee."  Teru then asked us to try again. This time he said, "Osaka. Crash. Night.... YAY!!!" ((Osaka. Crash. Night. (ten) (ten) (ten) YAY!!! (As he said "ten" he gestured it by pointing.))) He said this quietly into the mic. We then did it and Jiro said he'll think about it. I'd really like to go if he does make another CRASH live. 
 3. There was a point where Teru made a small mistake. (Can't remember which song.) As he continued singing, he tilted his head to one side and gave this look. As if he would have said, "so, I goofed, who cares. lol" 
 4. They played "Apologize"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥ (I miss 都忘れ though. I haven't heard it since the Fukuoka live. ;_;) 
 5. I've said this before, but I freaking love the FAME IS DEAD video!!!  The part when Hisashi smashes a guitar against Takuro's head is so~ funny!! He had the most insane look on his face while doing it too. Love it~ 
 6. I seriously love his solo in GREAT VACATION! I've always loved it!! But hearing it live; I fist pump my hands in the air to the beat.  
 7. Continuing with Hisashi; He came out with something new. We're used to seeing him with beer cans or his PSP, but this time, he was drinking one of these things↓


 lol, he looked cute trying to suck the liquid out of whatever he was drinking. 
 8. Takuro received a standing ovation when he bowed to us at the end. I yelled out his name three times as I clapped. Many other people in my area were doing the same. When he rose, he mouthed off, "arigatou" twice. Takuro is such an amazing person and GLAY wouldn't be here if it weren't for him. Thank you so~ much!  ...I know I'm forgetting something. 


The dome-shaped building is Osaka-jo Hall.

PhotobucketThe view of Osaka Castle from my hotel room.

Night shot.

Saitama, here I come! I'll meet up with my other Japanese friend, Mizue, and her English speaking Japanese friend. Yay for making more GLAY friends. I will be stealing Jiro's "Favorite Things 100" idea from his first Caramel Books. (I love these books, btw.) I'll be doing my own 100 favorite things... only it'll be restricted to things in Japan like: places, personal items, food/drinks, things to do, etc. I'll post it once a week for the next 100 weeks. Yup, this'll last for almost two years. I plan to stay in Japan for an additional 2-3 years, so this will be done. 

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